Searching for a church to visit or attend? You may be wondering what makes our church different from those in the area? Why not look into a different denomination or another church? Our answer simply comes down to the culture that lies at the heart of our church. Faith Baptist Church is a family filled with empathetic believers that won’t judge you the second you step through the door. At the same time, our church is committed to staying true to the Bible even in areas where it may not be popular. At Faith Baptist we do not ignore parts of the Bible, nor do we teach ideas that are not backed by the Bible. If you are curious to learn about the Bible or Christianity, our church is the perfect choice because we are one of few that hold to the Bible-based values that Christianity was founded upon. For those who are already believers, you will find great comfort in fellowshipping with our community as well as strengthening your faith through the word of God. For those who don’t consider themselves believers, our church is perfect to answer your questions. Overall, it is safe to say that Faith Baptist is your best choice for a church family that will be there for you and walks the path of faith alongside you.