How should I Dress?

We believe that dress is an area of liberty for Christians. The Bible states that we should dress in our best to worship the Lord (Psa. 96:9). However, we leave that up to each individual to decide. Some people, including the pastor, wear a suit and tie. Most people dress more casually. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what is appropriate attire to come and worship the Lord. Regardless of how you chose to dress, it’s likely you will find others dressed like you.

What is your worship like?

Our worship is more conservative in style, with both old and new hymns. We currently have a pianist and guitarist for the congregational songs. Other instruments are used in the specials. Our song selection is usually about half classic hymns and half new hymns from modern hymns, though that can vary depending on the worship theme.

Do you have ministries for children?

We have ministries for younger children and are looking to form a youth group. For our elementary youth we have a Sunday school class and Kids Klub. Kid’s Klub Kids are in the auditorium up until the sermon of the worship service before they break off for their own ministry. They sing songs, have a Bible based lesson, and have activities. We are currently looking for Middle School and High School aged youth to rebuild our youth group ministry that we had going over the past few years. Those interested please get in touch with us. We also give some of our older teens responsibilities so they can grow as they learn to serve the body.

What is your pastor’s teaching style/type?

Our pastor normally preaches exegetically during the morning worship service. That means that he selects a particular book of the Bible, and preaches in it from beginning to end. However, there are times when a pressing need to address a particular subject arises. When that happens, the pastor may preach a sermon to address that issue. The Pastor also teaches topically in Sunday school. Past topics have included Faith, Racism, Effective Witnessing, and the major theological teachings of the Bible.

What version of the Bible do you use?

We currently use the NKJV for our adult ministries and from the pulpit. We use ESV for our youth ministries, and our outreach.